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Success is the Tip of the Iceberg

Posted on the 23 October 2012 by Cendrinemedia @cendrinemedia
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If talent alone was the key to success, a lot of people would be millionaires by now.

Before becoming two of the biggest bands in the world and history, Genesis and Abba spent countless hours in their studios rehearsing and recording music.

Before audiences screamed their names in concert halls, they had to perform in front of small audiences that barely knew them.

Genesis’ first album was a complete flop. Their big commercial break only came a decade later, when they decided to create more radio-friendly songs.

As far as Abba is concerned, only fans know that the foursome had a life before “Waterloo”. The song that helped them win the 1974 Eurovision Contest is not on their first release (“Ring Ring”), but on their second. And each member had been involved in music years before coming together.

Genesis and Abba paid their dues in more ways than one. They worked hard, studied the market, learnt from their mistakes, but made sure that their unique styles were preserved. That’s why, years after splitting up, they continue selling albums. Their music is celebrated by tribute bands on the five continents.

Success is the tip of the iceberg. The rest is made up of sweat, tears, headaches, and beautiful lessons. And that’s why it is worth it.

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