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Subtle Paisley + Small Business Saturday

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
Subtle Paisley + Small Business SaturdaySubtle Paisley + Small Business SaturdaySubtle Paisley + Small Business SaturdaySUBTLE PAISLEY. Let me ramble a bit, friends, please indulge me. I've work hard all year to tightly edit my posts, so you can read them under 2 minutes. Yeah, I'm a thoughtful gal, but today I sort of want to loosen up, + just go with it. Maybe it's to match the new scenery you see here. I've been using FRINGE as my own personal photo studio; I love the funky decor and think it fits in well with my own personal style

I think today's outfit is typical of what I would call "Rosebud Casual." I can't seem to steer away from the old timey look, and with my wool cloche hat collection now out of storage, you can expect to see more me looking like an extra from a silent movie starring Lillian Gish. NOT that any self-respecting lady of the 20's or 1930's would be traipsing about in cut-off shorts, but the thigh-high socks, the cut of the shirt and the hat, have a bit of "speak easy" to me. Brand new to moi, but got secondhand is this lovely like-new, vintage brown canvas "jean" jacket. I love its' paisley print! Paisley is a print I predict will be exploding on the fashion scene come spring. Bold, classic prints seem to be enjoying a trending renaissance, and I haven't seen paisley get any praise for quite some time.  So it's due. This jacket was a score from This N That Thrift & Gift, which is just down the street from Fringe; I've been stopping by there quite a bit. It's sort of dangerous for me, (you know, "shopping ban" + all.) It's an undiscovered gem here in Sacramento, so I feel like I get first pick on some great pieces. The rose-colored glasses are part of the vast sunglasses collection available at Fringe. Sort of steam punk, doncha think? They look like they are from the turn of the last century, but are actually 1980 repro's of old timey glasses. The novelty aspect to these frames is that they completely fold up.

Subtle Paisley + Small Business SaturdaySubtle Paisley + Small Business SaturdayI can tell you how I feel about having my vintage selling at FRINGE. GRRRREAAT! The vintage racks have been refilled several times, and I've just put in some choice wool plaid jackets and blazers in there. I'm finding it hard to blog, stock Fringe AND re-start my Etsy shop, but I tell you, I'm getting that ETSY up and running so those of you who don't live in Sacramento can SHOP THE CITIZEN! Please be patient, and know that if you see anything that you like, just message me and I can give you all the deets, and see if we can work something out.  Are you still with me? Whew!  
   Now Wearing:
  • Cloche knit cap, Etsy
  • Paisley canvas jacket, This N That
  • Rose-colored glasses, $18, available at Fringe
  • Bitchin' re-cycled leather cuffs, various
  • T-shirt, F-21 (years ago!)
  • Mom shorts, free and d.i.y.
  • Thigh high socks, Target
  • Platform wedges, Heart Boutique
Subtle Paisley + Small Business Saturday

Subtle Paisley + Small Business Saturday

Inside the Fringe: A glimpse of the funky interior of Fringe and some serious Citizen vintage!

 This is somewhat of a post-script, but I just HAD to add this-
Subtle Paisley + Small Business Saturday
I recently received a few messages about Shop Small Business Saturday. Shop Small this Saturday. Small Business Saturday is an American Express created holiday, wedged between Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, and while that's what I would call a BIG business, I appreciate the effort to turn attention to the small business that are the bread and butter of our community and the backbone of our economy.
Locally, Mary of Krazy Mary's and Debbie of Legacy, two lovely clothing shops in Sacramento, got together and created local event on Facebook, where we are invited to shop small on Saturday. If we take the pledge and choose to support just one small business, collectively, we can have a big impact on our economy
FRINGE, being MY small business of choice, is having a post-Thanksgiving sale this Friday, and Saturday, and the Citizen is a part of it. This Friday and Saturday, ALL CLOTHING IS 20% OFF, including my freshly stocked row of vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. So, show your support, shop small and make a huge difference. 

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