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Sublime Beauty of Girnar

By Luphil

10 days ago, a friend sent me some photos of Mount Girnar, a very sacred place in Gujarat, India, linked to Lord Dattatreya, where he is said to dwell. In 2018, my friend Srinivas sent me some copies of the book “Experiencing Divinity” written and self-published by Pramod Kene. It is about his spiritual discipline of climbing Mount Girnar 50 times. (The publisher is given as: Pramod Kene, Vartak Aali, Chaul, Talula Alibag, District Raigad, Maharashtra – 402203, India. Price: Rs.300/-)

I read the book with great fascination and distributed the extra-copies to friends. Srinivas now also gave a text extract from the book of Sri Kene about Mount Girnar, which you find below. You might not understand all the expressions in the text but you can read it with the heart. Srinivas also sent the pics of a sunrise at Girnar and a video, but it is not published on the web. So I give another video from YouTube for you to get an impression of climbing the sacred mount.

Sublime Beauty of Girnar

“Girnar is an immutable abode of Sri Datta Maharaj. There is no place for doubt whatsoever.

This is the place where Sri Dattatreya Swamy has given in person Darshan to many saints. It is no wonder that from the immemorial several Siddha Yogis are engrossed in sadhana in the caves of Girnar.

The unparalleled beauty and grandeur of Mount Girnar is simply breathtaking…!

Sublime Beauty of Girnar

Girnar is “TAPOBHOOMI”, a land dedicated to sadhana and tapasya of Sri Datta Maharaj.

It is on the summit of Mount Girnar where Sri Datta Maharaj did tapas for 12000 years leaving “CHARANA PADUKA” behind that are a source of motivation to all Sri Datta Devotees.

All the avatars of the almighty had their work associated with the needs of that specific time line whereas the avatar of Sri Datta Maharaj is immortal and his work is timeless.

Sublime Beauty of Girnar

Sri Datta Maharaj is Guru of the Gurus and till data Swamy continues to guide all.

The blessings obtained in return of our deep and faithful devotion towards Sri Datta are undoubtedly manifold.

The task of punishing and bringing a strayed devotee back on the righteous path can only be done by Sri Datta.

Sublime Beauty of Girnar

The more you adore him, the more Sri Datta Maharaj radiates his affection in return.

The moment one enters the virtuous land of Girnar one can feel the positive vibes.

At a height of 3666 feet, is the pinnacle of Mount Girnar and is the dwelling of Gorakhkshanath. He did some very rigorous tapas here owing to which Sri Datta Maharaj blessed him by giving him personal darshan. Located here are Gorakhkshanath “Charan Paduka and Dhuni”.

Adjacent is a small tunnel and it is believed that one who passes through this tunnel gets away to “MUKTI”.

Sublime Beauty of Girnar

Next peak in line is the GuruShikar. GuruShikar is straight up and conical in shape.

At its top, at a height of 3630 feet above sea level, located are the CharanPaduka of Sri Datta Maharaj that are controlling the UNIVERSE.

Generally, the place of Guru is at the topmost position, but Gorakhkshanath prayed to Sri Datta Maharaj that he be at such a location that he could get a view of the Charan Paduka of Sri Datta Maharaj all the time. Sri Datta Maharaj agreed to this and for this reason, the Gorakhksha peak is slightly higher then GuruShikar.

Sublime Beauty of Girnar

From here Gorakhkshanath takes darshan of the Charan Paduka of Sri Datta Maharaj.

In ShivPuran Girnar is referred to as Revataachal Mountain.

In Skand Puran, it is named as Raivat, Revataachal, Kumud, Ujjayant.

Sublime Beauty of Girnar

The names Revataachal, Kumud, Ujjayant are associated with “Trimurti”.

There are indications in the puranas that Lord Ram and the Pandavs lived here in Girnar.

As per historic indications, “Girnar is older than Himalaya”.”

Sublime Beauty of Girnar

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