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SUBLIMATION – Not For This Woman!

Posted on the 01 March 2019 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl

SUBLIMATION – Not For This Woman!

I admit it. I love awards shows. Back in January, I looked forward to the Golden Globes Andy Samberg, Sandra Oh promise of a non-political show to help me chill out. It's not like we don't have enough political chaos to shift through during our regular news cycles.

Sublimating Oneself?

Glenn Close was at her best as an actress in this movie-brilliantly playing a woman, and helpmate to her successful author husband who wins a Pulitzer-type prize for his writing.

In short, the perfect wife. Nothing short of supportive in all things for her hubby.

I will not be a spoiler for either the movie or the book of the same name by Meg Wolitzer, written in 2003 and hailed as an acerbically funny and intelligent portrait of deception ( Entertainment Weekly). But the story of the long marriage of Joan and Joe Castlemen is strained by a secret they have kept for decades. It reaches a crescendo when Joan, finally confronts the sacrifices she's made in order to achieve the life she thought she wanted.

SUBLIMATION – Not For This Woman!

Glenn Close: Best Actress

Look in The Mirror

Well doesn't that say it all! Think of all the women who give up on a path, or role or profession in order to stay on a track that maybe more traditional merely because they don't see other women making it by going a different way. Or, they get so beaten down by the barriers that they stop trying.

Contributed by Maren Cooper

Maren is the author of forthcoming novel A Better Next (5/28/19) which has similar notes of sexism when ahealthcare consultant and wife, learns her doctor husband's intention to take a prestigious new job on the other side of the country―and relocate with-out her... "Both sprightly and deeply felt, A Better Next captures the losses, trade-offs, and rewards of the contemporary career woman/wife/mother. Many are the women who will recognize themselves in Jess' story." -Faith Sullivan, award-winning author of Good Night, Mr. Wodehouse


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SUBLIMATION – Not For This Woman!

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