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Stylish Workout Clothes That Look Good on the Street

By Bridgetteraes @BridgetteRaes

Stylish Workout Clothes that Look Good on the StreetI’ve been getting a lot of questions from clients, fans and readers of this blog lately.  Today’s question I thought was a great one that I wanted to share as I know many of us can get stuck in this rut.

“In order to ensure I work out I wear my exercise clothing (flare leggings, sneakers, tank top, sports bra) when I drop my girls off at school. But I look like such a schlump.   Help, please! Are there brands which create stylish workout gear or ways to accessorize so I look more like a successful business woman than a middle-America mall rat?” -Jessica H.

Well first, Jessica, kudos to you for not only making time to get to the gym but for being smart enough to put your gym clothes on first thing to better guarantee you get there.  When we work the gym into our routine  it does make it a lot easier to commit to going.

Now on to your problem of feeling like a “schlump” in what you are wearing.  I think this is a common problem so I wanted to offer some street looks that partner workout gear to show how you can look good in your gym clothes while out on the street.

From Street Style to Sweat Style 1
From Street Style to Sweat Style 1 by bridgetteraes featuring nike activewear

Lululemon is a brand that first came to mind when I thought about stylish workout pieces that are functional for the gym yet stylish enough to wear when not at the gym.  Seeing that the warm weather is here, I added a pair of capri workout pants to change things up from your go-to flare bottom yoga pants.

Next, a stylish gym bag added a bit of style and, playing on color, I chose a pink sportsbra to compliment the turquoise.  I think accessorizing your gym looks on the street is a great way to add some style to a more functional outfit and I chose a necklace instead of a stylish pair of earrings because the chances of losing a pair of earrings in a gym bag or locker once you take them off for your workout is much more probable than a necklace.  I wouldn’t wear any expensive jewelry to the gym, just some inexpensive fun pieces that add some color and style to your look.

Lastly, instead of walking around town in your sneakers (workout sneakers shouldn’t be worn for knocking around anyway), what about wearing a more stylish pair of casual shoes and throwing your sneakers in your gym bag instead?

Here are some additional looks and ideas that may help as well:

Street Style to Sweat Style 2
Street Style to Sweat Style 2 by bridgetteraes featuring new balance sneakers

Yoga pants remain a staple for many who workout, even if it doesn’t involve yoga.    Like the first look, in order to look stylish, I suggest taking your sneakers to the gym instead of wearing them.  A cardigan is a great alternative to a zip-up sweatshirt if you want to look stylish on the street and there are plenty of very inexpensive ones out there that look good but you won’t mind using in a more casual “street to the gym” manner.

Street Style to Sweat Style
Street Style to Sweat Style by bridgetteraes featuring beaded jewelry

Instead of a basic workout top, this pink top from Patagonia looks stylish enough for the street but is functional enough for the gym.  Instead of a necklace, I chose an inexpensive bracelet for a pop of interest and in lieu of a long sleeved cardigan went for a cardigan vest which gives the gym outfit some sophistication for the street but isn’t as warm as a piece with sleeves would be.

Street Style to Sweat Style 4
Street Style to Sweat Style 4 by bridgetteraes featuring a shawl collar cardigan

One of my favorite pants to work out in, especially when doing yoga, are by Be Present.  Don’t let the cargo looking style of these pants fool you, they have a lot of stretch and can easily be worn on the street.  In fact, I’ve worn my pair  even when I wasn’t heading to a yoga class.  Add a basic workout top, a colorful cardigan, an inexpensive necklace to polish the look. and an easy sandal or flat to make your gym-wear look appear like streetwear.

Street Style to Sweat Style 5
Street Style to Sweat Style 5 by bridgetteraes featuring a a line dress

An easy dress is a great way to go from street tot the gym with style.  Here I chose an active dress from Patagonia that has style.  I put a workout top underneath as a tank and strapped up the look with some fun wedges.  Put your shorts and sneakers in your gym bag and you can do a quick transformation from street to sweat in seconds flat without sacrificing your style.

Street Style to Sweat Style 6
Street Style to Sweat Style 6 by bridgetteraes featuring rubber shoes

Here is another easy cardigan look that is totally functional yet incredibly stylish. All you have to do is remove the stylish layers, throw on your sneakers and you’re on that treadmill in no time!

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