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Stylish Return

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito
 Here I am back to blogging and with an outfit post ! I know it has been a long time since I didn't show you my style so I thought it would be a great way to come back after my little blogvacations.

I think I didn't show my belly since the summer of 1998 when in France it was all about these  songs made to make us move (now thinking about it EVERY summer hit is meant to make us dance..). But I guess this summer particularly remained in my memory because it was the Football World Cup that my country, France, won. At that time I was 11 and I remember dancing like crazy while listening to...La Copa de la Vidad by Ricky Martin. People, I am not A TINY BIT ashamed by this confession, well I mean I am listening to this very song right now, and it seems like I am on for listening to some summer hits while writing this post.

So what's the connection between the summer of 1998 and my belly ? Well, I'd say that it has to do with the crop tops that let our belly exposed to the sunbeams. As a child of that era I fell into this trend, hence the reason why when I took out the following shirt of my wardrobe I made a time travel :Stylish returnNow I guess that you are wondering what is the connection between this shirt and 1998. Well, nothing except for the belly situation you can witness here.Stylish returnHere is another thing I didn't wear for a long time : boyfriend oversized pants. They were lying somewhere in the mess that is my room and seemed to beg me for wearing them. Usually, I have them on at home but since I made this combination with this shirt, I guess they are now worth a good night out.Stylish return

Thoughts on my outfit ? Let me know !
ps : My summer hits syndrome is getting worse and worse so I am off dancing. Really hope no one will ever see me in such a situation but it is oh so good !

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