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Stylfile Infuse Reviews

By Makeuptemple @makeuptemple

Who does not like nail files, accessories, buffers? whether you are a into beauty or not, we all have different types of nail files at home. 
Stylfile Infuse Reviews
Before I started using Stylfile I was a great fan of glass nail files, I never like stainless steel nail files, I always dig it into my skin, and the sound when I am doing my nails just irritates me and it also peels the nails so for that reason I do not like it. 
I always enjoy seeing Tom's new inventions. 
I can tell you that he has got fascinating products are coming for this winter.  I can give you only one clue but not more, yes one of the products coming is related with nails but it is not a nail file. 
The other is a big surprise and gonna hit the market like a bomb.  
Right now let's jump to my review..
Stylfile Infuse Reviews
All of use their hands to do something but us who are in front of the notebook typing all day, or just searching doing bits and pieces or mom's who does all the housework all day, manicure won't really stand that long even if you had a gel manicure,  so we need a product that will give us what we want. We got a buffer, we got a nail file, and we have a nail oil. 
Buff your nails, jump of the nail files, and last step is hydrating, too many products and time consuming. 
But having all these in one pack sounds like a dream right?
No it is not..  
Stylfile Infuser is giving us just a half of it we have a nail file with a cuticle oil. 
It has got 2 nail attachment and each lasts about 3 months. 
It already comes with its own attachment so you have 3 attachments and one big cuticle in one box. 
I rarely apply cuticle oil and I find it extremely time consuming, I am a person who can not sit still. 
I actually started to enjoy using cuticle oil as I do not have to pick up a separate bottle for my cuticles I do not have to wait without touching anywhere. 
Stylfile recommend filing from the nail edge to the nail centre, using the tougher outer side of the file to shape the nails, and then use the softer, inner side to smooth them.
Stylfile Infuse ReviewsWhen you want to apply the cuticle oil just remove the transparent cap, press the black button behind the golden bottle, and wolaa. 
I like stylfile because it just files and buffs my nails without breaking and peeling my nails, it is ergonomic and it is so easy to use, I no longer dig anything sharp to my fingers, it is safe.  
I love this and I totally recommend this product.
You can purchase this product through this link
Have you ever used any stylfile products? what are your thoughts about the products and the brand?
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Stylfile Infuse Reviews Stylfile Infuse Reviews Stylfile Infuse Reviews Stylfile Infuse Reviews Stylfile Infuse Reviews Stylfile Infuse Reviews Stylfile Infuse Reviews Stylfile Infuse Reviews Stylfile Infuse Reviews Stylfile Infuse Reviews Stylfile Infuse Reviews Stylfile Infuse Reviews

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