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STURLESI DESIGN. Acrylic + LED Table Lamps.

By Cobra76

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Sturlesi Design

Acrylic + LED Table Lamps
This cutting-edge illuminated series by industrial designer Amit Sturlesi was inspired by the search for a more original approach to glowing ambient lights. Through studying signage, 3D modeling, rendering, and user experience design, Sturlesi saw these products from the conceptualization stages all the way through prototyping and manufacturing. This fascinating process resulted in idiosyncratic lit acrylic objects, which have been carved into distinctive sculptural imagery.

 Bulb Lamp // Grey Base $39.99 $58.00Bulb Lamp // Grey Base
$39.99 $58.00Bulb Lamp // Blue Base
Bulb Lamp // Blue Base
$39.99 $58.00Bulb Lamp // Gold Base
Bulb Lamp // Gold Base
$43.99 $65.00
   Deer Lamp $39.99 $58.0091de0668312033d9a96fe570cb22f23a smallAc84b9b1f47893be4bac87fa72113143 smallDeer Lamp
$39.99 $58.00
 Unicorn Lamp $39.99 $58.00Unicorn Lamp
$39.99 $58.00
 Penguin Lamp $39.99 $58.00Penguin Lamp
$39.99 $58.00Rhino Lamp
Rhino Lamp
$47.99 $73.00Elephant Lamp
Elephant Lamp
$47.99 $73.00Horse Lamp
Horse Lamp
$47.99 $73.00Bear Lamp
Bear Lamp
$47.99 $73.00

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About the Designer

Amit SturlesiAfter graduating from IED Milano in Industrial Design (2005) and working for 4 years in design firms specialising in consumer and medical products, as usual, one thing lead to another and Amit Sturlesi opened his small studio in Tel Aviv in 2009. Taking on diverse projects, he came up with the acryLamp in 2010 as a result of searching for a decorative solution of emergency blackout office corridor lights. 3 years and many prototypes later, the bulb lamp came to life and which also signified the beginning of the illuminite collection.

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