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Stupid Kitchen Products I Will Never Buy!

By Dotchi Latham @DotchiLatham
While browsing the internet yesterday, I was searching for kitchen items I want to eventually buy. I was making an "I want it!" list for all the things I will probably never be able to afford but if I ever win the lottery, I would buy them all! I ended up coming across some pretty ridiculous stuff too. I can't imagine ever needing, wanting or hoping to get any of these. I thought I would share the list and see what you all think.
Stupid Kitchen Product #1: The Garbage Bowl
I know it's terribly difficult to drag your trashcan next to where you are working and dump the food trash into it while you cook. Which is probably why Rachel Ray created a Garbage Bowl. This nifty bowl does wonderful things! What does it do? Wait for it... It holds trash! AND it sits on your counter! I know you are all in awe by now. A bowl that sits on the counter and holds garbage. We are all amazed at this engineering wonder. How could I have ever made it without that?
Here's how... it's called a regular bowl that sits on your counter. It can hold trash too. Maybe someone should inform Rachel Ray of this new discovery. With a quick trip to the Dollar Store, you too can own a huge bowl to hold garbage while you cook and you will save yourself $18.
OR you can do what I do. Drag that trashcan up next to the counter and just dump the trash into the trashcan as you go, completing eliminating the whole step of putting trash into a bowl and then having to wash the bowl when you are done.
Stupid Kitchen Product #2: Pizza Scissors
When I first saw this, I thought it was a joke. Instead of using an old fashioned pizza cutter or, God forbid, a knife to cut your pizza, you can cut them with overpriced Pizza Scissors. Are they serious?
How do I get by without them? Real easy! I use a knife. I know it's not as cool as using the world's biggest set of scissors to cut your pizza but seriously... who the hell actually needs scissors to cut pizza?
Stupid Kitchen Product #3: A Rolling Garlic Chopper
This might actually be cool to have if I didn't own a knife to smash and chop my garlic instead of dumping it in a Chef'n Garlic Zoom rolling garlic chopper. The rolling garlic chopper does all the chopping for you. Of course, as with any kitchen gadget that has that many teeny gears, it's going to be a bitch to clean. Have fun trying not to chop your fingers off when you wash it.
How do I get by without it? I manage by using a knife. But most of the times I am just too lazy and buy minced garlic in a jar. I am so lazy I don't feel like washing razor sharp garlic chopping blades. Why would I when I can scoop it out of the jar and be done with it?
Okay, fess up!
What stupid products have you bought that you later regretted?

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