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By Daisyjd

I think, for me, one of the hardest parts of being a Mom and wife is the realization that I’m in charge. I know that sounds silly (or obvious) but take for example our upcoming vacation.

Not-married-Mom-Daisy: Vacation! Vacation! Vaaacaaaation! Pack my stuff, lets go! Meet up with other vacation-ers, all of whom have a hand in organizational matters.

Married-Mom-Daisy: Vacation! Yay….oh. Hm. Consult with spouse. Make lists. Make more lists. Lists for clothes for all peoples, lists for baby supplies, lists for “going to the beach” supplies, lists for “having a few breakfasts/dinners at the beach house” supplies, lists for “being out and about” all day, lists for “long car ride to destination entertainment and snackage”, lists, lists, lists.  Coordinate dog/house sitter, coordinate dog medication, coordinate dog food, coordinate emergency contacts, coordinate the bag filled entirely with chargers that are now the downfall of our digital world, coordinate back ups at work, coordinate ensuring you get as little work email as possible while on vacation, stare at all your lists. EXECUTE your lists, oy vey. Pack car, which requires doctoral degree in Stuff Tetris. DRIVE MANY HOURS IN WHICH YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ASK “ARE WE THERE YET” BECAUSE YOU ARE THE ONE DRIVING.

You see my point?

This is not a vacation-complaining post. I would never do such a thing. This idea can be applied to the more mundane things in life. Example:

Not-married-Mom-Daisy: Food. Ok, ugh, lets walk to grocery store. Walk up and down aisles. Eggs, yogurt, chicken, peanut butter, some fruit and veggies. Done.

Married-Mom-Daisy: Food. Ok. Lets get out the cookbooks and the menus and the week’s calendar. Lets see, we need dinner for four nights. What shall we eat? Make list of menus. Make list of groceries. Pack diaper bag. Dress child. Feed now-hungry child. Realize you are still in your pajamas. Make yourself presentable. Drive to grocery. Acquire car-cart. Buy all groceries. Do not forget the three things you forgot to put on your list. Drive home, carry all inside, unpack, the prep what needs prepping. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

My point? Sometimes being in charge is exhausting.  Even when sometimes being charge means you make the executive decision of take out and a movie. Because sometimes being in charge means you get to your vacation destination and realize you forgot all your underwear. Again.

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