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So Long, Farewell

By Daisyjd

And with this post, 8 or so years after I began blogging, I’ve decided it is time to close my blog and focus on other things.

So many big things have happened over the years (marriage, motherhood, career changes, dog ownership) and so many little pieces of sand have filled in the cracks around the big boulders. Life moves on and where I once had enthusiasm to jot down our life happenings, I now find myself devoting my time to other endeavors.

I’m still cooking, working, enjoying Chicago, loving on my family. I will probably always read blogs, and I am sure from time to time I will miss having my own. But as I wrote less and less I also missed it less and less…and for anyone wondering, I’m still around on Twitter and Instagram. I could never say goodbye to all things social media- there is entirely too much fun and support out there on the crazy internet.

Blogging brought me more friends than I can count, a few trips, a little bit of ad revenue, a one week swim suit modeling gig in New York City, and an amazing support system of women around the world who I’m so glad I’ve met and shared stories with. It gave me an outlet when I needed it and funny stories from time to time. It was a great way to journal a period of time that flew by in the blink of an eye, despite my every effort to savor what I could.

I exported all my posts into a PDF, and I’ll probably print them all off, particularly the ones devoted to pregnancy and Gracie- a book for her, albeit a little less twee than a leather bound journal.

I find myself possessive of time with my husband, my daughter, our family. Already life moves at breakneck speed and at the end of the day when I’m left choosing between time with them or writing out a blog post…they win every time.

And so, I say, farewell. Or, as my parents always told me to say, “until next time.”

Xo. Thank you for reading.

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