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Study Tip: Music Matters

By Jinouye4 @jinouye4

What type of music helps when studying?

A huge question during back to school season is: Should I listen to music while studying?

The right types of music can have a profound affect on the way you study.  It can put you into a relaxed and focused state which helps with memorization and overall understanding.  Unfortunately the type of music that has been shown to help you study isn’t the most popular genre, but it helps to drown out distractions and help with studying all the same.

Baroque classical music is the type of music known to help you study and heighten your thinking.  Mozart’s music also has documentation that proves its effectiveness in boosting your thinking skills while you study.  The key is to listen to slow to medium paced music (about 60 bpm) without a loud drumbeat or bass.  Additionally, it should be played quietly in the background, like ambient noise, for the best results.

An example of classical music to study to: Baroque Music for Concentration

Beware that studying with music on isn’t for everyone.  If you feel that you can’t concentrate with the classical music on, this may not be the study tactic for you.


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