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Household Tip: Pet Odors

By Jinouye4 @jinouye4

Getting rid of pet odors

Pet odors are some of the hardest smells to get out of carpets, clothes, and furniture.  Pet urine and oils contribute to the musty smell that’s associated with them.  When the obvious fixes like washing your dog and opening your windows to let the smell out just don’t work, try the following suggestions.

Use a black light to find urine.  Its an easy and relatively inexpensive way to combat the smells.  Purchase a black light from a pet store or home improvement store, turn out the lights, and start wiping up all the missed urine spots.  Try mixing three parts water with one part vinegar to wipe up the stains

Rent a wet vacuum if you still have smells left in your carpets.  Using enzyme cleaners in conjunction with the vacuum has been the answer for many people trying to rid themselves of the odor.

Prevent the smells by taking care of your pet’s breath by brushing or using some of the breath treatments from your pet store.  Cleaning the cat’s litter box can also be the remedy.  For you dog owners out there: make sure to wash and dry your dog thoroughly.  Sometimes the cause of the smell is because of a hasty wash and dry.

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