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Struggling As A Dad

By Philmonk

I recently followed someone on Twitter, a dad related site, I signed up for their email newsletter and one of the follow up emails was a question – What are you struggling with right now as a dad?

I will be the first to admit I’ve struggled with becoming a dad, sometimes it’s the best thing in the world and at other times I would give anything for my ‘old’ life back. That’s part of the reason for starting this blog, to share how I’ve coped (or not) with becoming a dad.

Right now? Not getting enough time to spend with my daughter. She is growing up so fast, she seems to change every day. I do feel sometimes I miss out on so much because I have to go to work during the week.

By the time I get in from work there isn’t much time before bath and bed. I imagine this is a similar story for dads across the land! It sucks but a fact of life.

Trying to find time to ‘be a dad’ is hard, weekends tend to go too quickly and there is always a bunch of stuff that needs doing. I often find myself feeling very frustrated and exasperated that I am not doing enough for my daughter.

I want to be the best dad I can be and for me that means time. Giving her as much of my time and attention as I possibly can. My wife tells me I put too much pressure on myself, in some respects I agree with her, but I can’t help feeling that sometimes I could do more, be around more, anything to make sure my daughter gets what she needs from me.

I’d be interested to know your thoughts? Do you have the same frustrations? Please leave your comments below.


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