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Striking The Balance: Why Vacations Are Vital

Posted on the 14 November 2018 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl

Striking The Balance: Why Vacations Are Vital

So, you're an ambitious career woman. You have goals and a plan to make sure you achieve them. You are determined. And you work hard. Really hard. Most of our lives are dedicated to our careers - we spend huge chunks of time commuting, work long hours and have an endless to-do list that just seems to get longer every day (sigh).

Take a Break to Work Like A Boss

Most of us are guilty of not taking vital time out to relax and rejuvenate, in fear that we won't get everything done. But taking mental and physical breaks from work will make you more productive than if you spend 18 hours a day at your laptop.

In an article by Forbes, we learn that "the top ten percent most productive employees didn't actually work any more hours than anybody else. In fact, they took more breaks". This is because our brains are wired to concentrate in bursts and need frequent breaks to recharge.

Vacations are Vital

Taking a week or two of vacation will enable your brain to completely switch off and re-energize. Have you ever slept for like 12 hours straight on the first day of your vacation? Yep, thought so. One of the most basic needs we have, and most vital, is sleep. Lack of it leads to exhaustion, which severely affects our ability to concentrate and make decisions. It will also leave you feeling super irritable and less able to deal with stressful situations.

Catching up on a lack of sleep doesn't just require one early night. It can take weeks to fully recharge from months' worth of sleep deprivation. That is why it is so vital that we take time out from our hectic schedules to take a proper break.

So, what are the best types of vacations to re-energize? I hear you ask.

Cultural Trip

Exploring a totally new culture is a great way to separate yourself from the familiar and heighten your desire to explore and understand new things. These types of trips will increase creativity.

Try: a tour of vast Vietnam. The country has everything you could possibly want from a vacation: bright, bustling cities, vast ocean and sandy beaches, magnificent mountainsides and tasty treats to tempt you along the way.

Beach Break

If you live a particularly stressful lifestyle, a beach break is the perfect way to totally relax and unwind. Listen to the soothing sounds of the sea, dig your toes into powdery-white sand and breathe in the crisp ocean air.

Try: an all-inclusive luxury hotel. That way, you don't have to even think about cooking, cleaning or clearing up. Just enjoy that important 'me' time on your sun lounger.

City Escape

If you're reading this thinking that you want to get away but have already used most of your vacation allowance, why not try a mini city break? Take 3 or 4 days to explore a new city, take in amazing architecture and immerse yourself in the local cuisine.

Try: Paris, Rome, Budapest... there are many options! Europe is a great choice as it is full of fantastic cultural cities which are all totally unique.

Whatever and wherever your preference, just go! Trust us, the vacation is vital for you to work like a boss.

Striking The Balance: Why Vacations Are Vital

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