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Street Feet: Floral Revival

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz

Street Feet: Floral Revival

Floral Revival: Grunge Era Floral Doc Martens Blossom for Spring

As if to encourage Spring and leading by example, I've been wearing some form of floral for over a week now. Observe this ditzy print thrifted floral skirt ala grunge floral, paired with a blooming like mad vintage 90's era floral printed Dr. Martens. The term, I've learned to describe this look, is "punk/grunge revival," and since I was old enough to wear it the first time, perhaps I best step away from them now? What is it about Seattle that makes you crave all things 1992? I've been eyeing army jackets, tattered concert Tees, beanies, plaid, plaid, and more plaid, and a whole array of classic Docs.
Kind of revives my spirit, you know?

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