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Straight from My Bathroom - The Body Shop Limited Edition Blueberry Shower Gel

By Lana Ray @crazybeautyland
Hello ladies! Looking forward to the weekend? I know I am! ;)
This is the first time I’m reviewing a shower gel on my blog. I seriously don’t think these things need to be reviewed because it’s a matter of personal choice, tastes and preferences. However, I love to know about all the shower gels/creams out there because I like to try out new ones every time, so when I find a blog post about the same, I go and check out the product. The Blueberry Shower Gel is a new release all over the globe by The Body Shop. It’s supposed to be limited edition so its priced higher than their regular shower gels. I’ve read a lot of reviews about this one and the general consensus is that its a much loved product. But did it rock my world? Read on to know :)

The Body Shop Blueberry Shower Gel Review in India

I thought a picture in my bathroom was appropriate...:)

Price: Rs.425Qty: 250ml
I’ve been through countless The Body Shop shower gels and creams: Strawberry, Raspberry, Cocoa, Chocomania, The Brazil Nut and now the Blueberry. There’s a reason I keep buying them although The Body Shop unfairly increases the price every few months- they’re good quality and sometimes, especially during winters, my skin needs some TLC and TBS has the creamiest shower stuff.Click here to continue reading »

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