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Posted on the 18 January 2012 by Polycarp55 @polycarp55


Image from bezalel instritute of Art. 

A Cat in the Rain by Ernest Hemingway

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  •  Length: 2 Pages
  • Genre: Lost Generation, Romance, Hemingway

Short Summary-No Spoiler

A woman attempts to get the attention of her husband and grows tired of trying, so she must find a substitute for the missing piece that is in her heart.  But where can she find something she can pour her affections to, then she thinks she saw a cat in the rain.  Could the cat be a cure for her lonesome heart?

‘Oh, shut up and get something to read,’ George said.
He was reading again.

Writers Note

 The wife is set on a wondrous course because of the lack of attention paid by her husband.   She then goes out to find a cat in the rain, but cats don't go out in the rain.  This is where she gets the call to the journey, a mirage, or reality, a cat in the rain is what she seeks.

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