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2018 I Will Create: Sensible Goals and Work Plan:1. Creat...

Posted on the 01 January 2018 by Polycarp55 @polycarp55
2018 I will Create: Sensible Goals and Work Plan:1. Creat...2018 I will Create:
 Sensible Goals and Work Plan:
1. Create a Space for writing/creativity.
2. Draw for 30 minutes per day.
3. Write at least 30 Minutes per day.
4.Write 750 Words on every normal schedule day.
5.Write on Blog at least 30 days of publication.
6.Submit to magazines one piece of creative writing per month for the first three months.
7.  Talk to individuals whom have created a sacred space for Creativity.  See if she would mentor me and my ambition.
8. Broadcast my goals so that I am held accountable.
What I need to do in order to join the writers in the SKY.
1. Schedule your smart goals on a calendar.  (
2.  Revisit goals monthly
3. Revisit goals quarterly.
4. Reward yourself for meeting your goals.
5. If you did not reach these goals then assess what went wrong and adjust your plan.  .
6. Pick someone willing to work with you on your goals. 
"Pie in the Sky Goal"
1.  Write 750 Words Everyday
2. Write on my blog.
3. Write a short story.
4. Write a Novel.
5. Write an essay.
6. Write a Play.
7. Publish with an outside source, a top tier company.   Start high and then move on from there.  
8.  Sell 5 creative pieces.  
9.  Speak on an author's panel.  
10. Combine my Art and writing into a cool project.
11. Work with my brother on a project. 
12.  Be able to live off the proceeds from my writing/art and creativity. 
13.  Then join the writers in the sky who annually go up in spaceships, leaving planet earth in order to join the CREATIVES.

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