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Stop the Smoke

By Annamoss84 @missanniebean

I have had a very crazy week to say the least, I have been back and forth to London but have now finally come home.  I'm most excited about being home because I'm off on an adventure with my beautiful boyfriend! We decided to take a day off to go to the Seaside.  Now, I know plenty of you lovely folk in the UK will be shaking their heads because the weather has been awful with non stop rain.  We have evaluated the situation but thought, sod it lets go anyway!  We have two major celebrations 1. my boyfriends 28th birthday and 2. the fact he's been smoke-free for 2 years! 
When I first met my boyfriend over 5 years ago, he was a smoker.  I'd always said I'd never date a smoker but I truly buckled at the knee for him and figured I'd deal with it.  Hand on heart the action itself didn't bother me, but the fact he was hurting his own health bothered me. So I'd sort of given up to fact he wasn't ever going to quit and it was just how he was going to live, but there was a revelation on his 26th birthday..."I want to quit" he said.  I knew this was going to be a long journey but I've never seen him more determined, he said to me I want nothing more than to quit and get my health back to the top.  The rest is history.

Stop the smoke

Now look at him!  At this years Blenheim Triathlon!

 There are numerous benefits to quitting smoking:
  1. Health - as previously mentioned, but this also involves how much it clears up your skin
  2. Financial - We have seen a significant difference financially as cigarettes cost so much
  3. Happiness -  It's much more social not to smoke.  Plus you dont have to stand out in the cold when everyone is inside! 

I know unlike my boyfriend some prefer not to go cold turkey, and thats why I think the next best thing is Vapestick.  This Vapestick electronic cigarette is the perfect replacement for you if you're trying to quit smoking.  How does it work? How can it help you quit? They work by providing nicotine (or no nicotine depending if you want it or not) and no smoke is produced, It stops all the smoke and the smells! Hurrah!  It's the perfect balance for those who don't want to just go cold turkey but would like to cut down and quit. 
"This vapour helps to deliver the same smoking sensation as with smoking tobacco, but carries no tar, no carbon monoxide, nor any of the other thousands of toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke, making it a far healthier alternative."
Stop the smoke

If you are interested in more about Vapestick, please visit their website to find out more. 
Stop the smoke

Stop the smoke

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