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Stojo Collapsible Cup Review – a Reusable Coffee Cup for My Handbag | Reducing Plastic Use

By Newmummyblog @newmummyblog

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I've been very keen on reducing plastic for a long time now. Not just this last year when everyone's been talking about it, but for a few years now. We've had reusable weaning Nom Nom pouches for 3 or so years and use them daily. Reusable products are in as we fight to save the planet from mountains of plastic, so it's back to my birthday present from hubby, the Stojo Cup. This is an innovative reusable cup which collapses, fits in your handbag and can then save you money on your coffees out. Anyway we can limit the use of disposable cups which can't be recycled is one difference we can easily make. See it in action in my video below:

Here's a quick Stojo Cup review...

Buy the Stojo collapsible cup from Amazon*, for around £12.99 RRP.

A larger Stojo cup is also available.

*Amazon affiliate link, I may earn a few pennies if you click on the link and buy from Amazon, all at no extra cost to you.

And, on to the Stojo Collapsible Cup basics...

The Stojo cup comes in a few colours: black, blue, pink, orange, red, green...

The Stojo cup comes in two sizes. I have the smaller.

The Stojo cup is easy to clean, can go in the dishwasher and completely comes apart.

The Stojo cup is easy to use, collapsing in seconds and pulling open in seconds too.

New Mummy Blog Stojo Reusable Cup verdict:

The Stojo collapsible cup feels safe and stable despite being made of silicone which is soft enough to collapse.

I hope this helps you discover this fantastic cup, perfect for spur of the moment cups of coffee a big thing to me as a mum of two, when I mistime our outings and the girls need their lunch, a feeding or I'm crashing after a long night of wake ups. I wouldn't carry a normal reusable cup with me anywhere near as much as I use this one.

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