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Still in Turkey, Still on Blogspot

By Ellen @ElleninTurkey
Why does everyone keep asking me how long I plan to stay in Antalya? If I'd moved to Chicago, would people there be asking me how long I planned to stay?  I live here. I rent an apartment here and nowhere else.  I have no plans to move.  Does that mean I'll stay forever?  How should I know?  I had no plan to leave New York for almost twenty years.  And then I left.
Speaking of moving, all the blogging experts say I should have my own domain and self -hosted site on the Wordpress platform. Ive now got as far as buying my domain (elleninturkey) and renting hosting space. It probably would have been easier had I done those two things in the same place. I have thus far been unable either to start a new blog or to redirect searches for my domain to this one.  I am now simply the proud owner of a domain name and a splitting headache.  This whole mess is still a mystery to me.

Still in Turkey, Still on Blogspot

The pool at Haluk Belen Sitesi

And speaking of mysteries, since this is supposed to be a blog about Turkey (and my last post was about New York), here's a Turkish mystery I've been struggling with:  From 12:30-1:30 every day the swimming pool in my apartment complex is closed.  I may not even sit by the pool and promise not to swim during this time.  Everyone is evacuated from the area and the fence around the pool is locked.  I have inquired about the reason for this, and the only answer I've received is "lunch break".  But whose lunch break is it?  The pool has no lifeguard, and the kapici (super) who expells me for this hour does not pay any attention to the pool during this or any other hours. When the pool needs to be cleaned, he kicks us out and locks the fence for the duration.  So what on earth is the "lunch break" all about?
Of course, the issue is now moot; the pool is closed until next summer.  Because, hey, it's sunny and only 90 degrees out (32 c).  Who would want to swim in such conditions?
Sorry for all the snark today.  I must be hungry.
Anyone else have a Turkish mystery theyd like to share? Anyone else have blog/host/domain problems(misery loves company)?

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