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Stickmen to Love

By Leonied
Happy Friday!
Loving things over here with Meghan and other lovely people today.
Stickmen to Love

My girls adoreThe Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child stories. ADORE.  This week Heidi started building 'stickmen' with her lego...  For those who aren't familiar... The Gruffalo has a girl child and the girl child has a stickman as her friend (Stickman has his own story too...).  They made me smile : )

Stickmen to Love

Mmmm, now what does this remind me of? 

A day or two later Anya walked into the house with a collection of sticks from outside.  I was requested to help cellotape her stickman together please...  It's not a stickman though... it's a stickgirl....  complete with leaves for hair and then she appeared with two seedy nut things for the eyes too...
Stickmen to Love
Heidi made herself one too... but didn't feel the need to make it gender specific or pimp it at all.  : )  Stickman and stickgirl have both suffered broken legs but cellotape is like magic around these parts and can fix anything in their eyes.
Birthday Preparation:
This growing collection of color preparations makes me feel happy each time I see it...
Stickmen to Love
Little scribbles:
Every now and again I find Anya or Heidi have scribbled their names or drawn little pictures in unexpected places.  Sorting through my filing pile i glimpsed this flurry of activity.  So cute (and luckily not on anything important!) : )
Stickmen to Love
Hope you've had a love-filled week!
L xx

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