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Stick a Fork in Her

Posted on the 02 June 2016 by Adask

Judge Napolitano:  “The evidence of her guilt is overwhelming.”

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Catholics Reject Hillary

Catholics now comprise about 26% of the national vote.  Currently, there are 25 Catholics in the United States Senate, 16 Democrats, 9 Republicans, and 134 memmbers out of the 435in the United States House of Representatives are Catholic.

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IF Hillary is this year’s Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, I think that, on a percentage-of-votes basis, she’ll suffer the greatest defeat of any major party’s presidential candidate since Franklin D. Roosevelt first held that office in A.D. 1932.  If the Democrats nominate Hillary, the Democrat Party will probably suffer record-breaking losses in the House and Senate.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary has already been secretly approached by establishment Democrats to ask her to resign her quest for President “for the good of the Democrat Party”.  If so, I’d bet that she refused knowing that her chances of being indicted are lower so long as she’s a candidate for the presidency.  When faced with a choice between doing what best for herself and doing what’s best for the Democratic Party and/or for The United States of America, I’d bet that Hillary is incapable of doing what’s best for anyone other than herself.

It would do America good to jail an important politician.  It would only be a gesture, but it would tend to support the claim that we are still something of a law-abiding nation.  My only fear is that, before he leaves office, President Obama will somehow pardon the bitch and let her off the hook.

Hillary isn’t the only politician who belongs in prison, but she’s one of those who do.

[Incidentally, this is the 1,900th post on this blog.]

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