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Stepping Forwards

By India Struthers @India_Alexandra

Morning SunriseI think this is probably the longest period I have gone without posting here on the blog. Although, I have been posting on instagram but I don’t think that counts, does it?  Things have been a little quiet around here due to what I have been embarking on in the past week. Yes, I am talking about my Metabolic Detox Programme which I mentioned in my last post. To my slight surprise it’s not just been my food habits which have changed over the past week (which I think is pretty clear from the amount of buckwheat related instagram posts I’ve shared) but rather my relationship with the word “healthy”. I personally have always felt that I’ve been a healthy eater; my mother didn’t introduce me to any refined sugar until I was 2 years old and I was always given homemade meals at home (brown rice, vegetables, porridge, whole wheat, carob). I only ever touched sweeties at the weekend and was never given fizzy drinks, tea and coffee. If I’m being honest I was never too bothered about eating ice-cream, chocolate, chips, pizza and junk food until I was about 13 and entered boarding school (whilst staying a day pupil). ...

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