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Step By Step Guidance As How A Person Can Create The Best Encrypted Messages

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With the emergence of internet, most of us are using emails to communicate with our friends and family members. Emails are one of the best ways to send personalised notes. But what if you want to send a message that is only available to you or your friend? Is there any way to do this? Yes! There is an easy-to-use tool called Privacy Notes, which lets you create a secret chat room where you can share whatever you want – without anyone else knowing about it. 

The privacy note feature of Privacy Notes is very simple: You just need to open the app in your phone and start typing something into the field. As soon as you hit “send”, the message will be sent to the recipient and no one else will be able to see it. The person receiving the message has to download the privacy note app too, so that he/she can read your message. Once you have both people on board, you can use the built-in messaging system of the app to exchange messages. 

The process is really simple and you don’t have to worry about anything. Your message will not appear in the inbox of the recipient, but rather under “Other” in his or her conversation history. This means that even if the recipient deletes the message, it won’t disappear from the conversation because other people can still see it. 

You can also set up multiple accounts in the privacy note app. For example, you can make a public account so that everyone who knows the link can access your content. Or you can create a hidden account, such as a secret group, for yourself and one or two of your close friends. This way, you can keep all your secrets safe from prying eyes. You can even hide your entire inbox if you think that someone is snooping around. 

If you’re wondering how all this works, here’s the lowdown: Privacy Note uses end-to-end encryption technology and your communication is secure at all times. It is impossible for anyone other than you and your intended recipient to read your message. 

Another great thing about Privacy Note is that it doesn’t require you to sign up for an email account before using it. If you already have Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc., then you can easily integrate them into the app. Just add your social media accounts by going to Settings > Add Account > Add Email Account > Add Social Accounts. 

Apart from adding new accounts, you can also import existing ones. To do this, go to Settings > Import Email Accounts and follow the instructions given there. Once you’ve done that, you’ll find that all your previous emails will show up in the app. 

You can also import contacts from your device storage, or select a contact from your address book. After importing, you can edit some details like name, gender and photo. 

Once everything has been configured, you can start sending personalised notes. All you need to do is type a message, hit the Send button and wait for the person to get back to you. 

There are three different ways to communicate with your recipients through the privacy note app. Firstly, you can send them a text. Secondly, you can call them using their mobile number. Thirdly, you can send them an audio recording. 

For text messages, you can choose the length of the message (up to 1 minute). And when you hit the send button, an SMS is automatically sent to the recipient’s phone. However, the recipient cannot reply to your message unless they have downloaded the app. 

To send audio recordings, you need to first record a short clip. Then you simply hit play and hold the mic. A sound file is automatically sent to the recipient’s phone. The recipient can listen to your audio message only after downloading the app. 

When you’re sending messages to your family or friends, you might want to know whether they have the app installed or not. So you can check this information in Settings > About Privacy Note App. 

As mentioned earlier, you can create an invisible inbox inside the app, so that you can send sensitive content to your chosen recipients without worrying about sharing it publicly. This way, you can avoid unwanted prying eyes while keeping your personal life private. 

In addition to sending personalised notes, you can also create groups within the app. These groups can contain a single user (the admin) and other users (members). Members can invite others to join the group, and the admin can add more members. When a member leaves the group, he/she gets kicked out. 

Step By Step Guidance As How A Person Can Create The Best Encrypted Messages

A group can be created for a specific purpose, and each group can have its own rules. For instance, you can restrict certain messages, photos, videos or documents to certain users. In this way, you can maintain confidentiality among members. 

Groups are also useful for organising events. Say you are planning a party and want to invite everyone you know. You can create a group, invite everyone to join and then post invitations to that group. They will receive the invitation once they open the app. 

The privacy note app is absolutely free to download. Once you install it, you can start creating private notes right away. 

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