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Stella Collagen Eyelash Glue Review & Coupon Code

By Mariyamokshina
Hello everyone :) I have been dying to review this eyelash glue. For years I have been using the same "waterproof" stuff  that comes in a white tube by LashGrip. The glue I was using before was irritating my eye and causing lots of sticky build up so I decided to start a search for something new.
This is so easy for touch ups oh my gosh! if you mess up on your application the little brush is easy to get into any crevice for an easy fix.
Stella Collagen Eyelash Glue Review & Coupon Code
This stuff works better than my waterproof glue. I like to wear my lashes for a few days and there is no such thing as waterproof glue anyways but I wash around my eyes and this stuff outlasts my other glues.
It dries super fast and changes color from iridescent to invisible so you know its dry.

COLOR: 4/5
I am used to using dark eyelash glue but I used to have some problems with it. When I'm not wearing eyeliner and want to wear lashes fos a lush natural look, it would look strange and bulked up. So I actually prefer this completely clear drying glue. I am just not used to my glue changing color and not being tinted but I like it!
Stella Collagen Eyelash Glue Review & Coupon CodeOVERALL: 5/5
My new eyelash glue for sure! I'm gust sad I didn't start using it sooner. Since I wear my lashes for long periods of time, I want to protect my skin and I'm very happy I found a solution!
Collagen infused for improved skin elasticity
Dries Clear
Easy to apply
Great applicator
Easy touch ups for next day lashes
Lasts a few days or longer if you only wash your face and around your eyes
No Glue wasted
No Residude when you have touched up more than once in same place within a week.
Easy to take off
Does not pull out eyelashes
Soothes eyelids
Have not found any yet.
PRICE: $7.90 (so worth it!)
Stella Collagen Eyelash Glue Review & Coupon Code
Stella Collagen Eyelash Glue Review & Coupon Code
Like most lash glue, after applying on eyelashes it will become tacky, so don't apply lashes right after you put the glue on them wait 10 seconds.
My old glue:
Stella Collagen Eyelash Glue Review & Coupon CodeStella Collagen Eyelash Glue Review & Coupon Code 
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Stella Collagen Eyelash Glue Review & Coupon Code

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