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Steelreign : SteelerNation Has It's Bottom Feeders (Unfortunately)

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
SteelerNation is the BEST fanbase on the planet as far as I'm concerned. No other fanbase travels and supports their team better than SteelerNation, which is second to none, we are literally worldwide. We have taken over stadiums from Tampa to San Diego to London and we own Mexico. How many times have you gone on vacation and ran into another Steelers Fan (impossible not to) and talked like you've known each other for years? As good as most people in SteelerNation are, that I've come across, there are unfortunately a few bottom feeders among us.
recently, I came across a website that was Steelers related, called Steel-Balls so I thought I'd check it out.....
.....and the first thing I saw, ensured that I wouldn't read anything further on this site. This is a place, where evidently, the Jagoffs of our fanbase reside, to act as 8 year olds would, ripping on a woman of SteelerNation from her Steelers themed tattoos to the couch in the background of her photos. It bothered me to the point to where I have to rant about it in this article. What kind of site puts up a pointless blog article whose only intent is to insult, criticize and embarrass another fan for the way they show their pride for our Steelers? A site ran by someone who obviously has the mental capacity of the average Ravens fan. Why else would that pointless blog article not have been pulled by now?, as well as the idiotic comments that followed.
If you're looking for great sites for news and information on our Steelers, I would definitely avoid Steel-Balls and look to places like Pittsburgh Sports Forum,, Rudy Reyes and Steeler Addicts among others, sites where you won't find the garbage that's on Steel-Balls (The Baltimore of Steelers related sites). I'm proud to be a lifetime member of SteelerNation, it's just a Shame that the people like those at Steel-Balls get to come along for the ride.
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