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Staying Home Might Just Be All It's Cracked Up To Be

By Hollyshaun0528 @TwinglesMom42
I might upset some people when I say this, but I just have to say it: Today I stayed home with my kids for the first day of my summer break and it was SO easy! Will everyday this summer be easy? Not likely. But I can say with 100% confidence that today was MUCH easier than it would have been if I would've had to work.
Case in point: It is 8pm and I do not feel like becoming one with my mattress, falling onto it in a heap of exhaustion.
And we got to do all sorts of fun things! We painted (by the way, if you've never tried Color Wonder paints and markers, you should because they are amazing), we colored, we played with playdoh, we played outside for HOURS, we ate delicious summer snacks, we watched a movie, we played with magnets and we generally enjoyed life. (And I may have a had a beer or three.)
Now by the time the end of summer rolls around, I fully expect to be excited to go back into work, but for the moment I'm livin' it up and lovin' it!
One thing is kinda bumming me out though - not very many people have joined our blog hop. Come on people, tell us what makes you proud to be you today! Or just link up to your homepage! Then tweet, facebook share, etc. so that we all can make some new blog friends. Because blog friends are awesome and you don't want to be responsible for lessening the awesomeness, do you? ;) (I sincerely thank those of you who have linked up! I love reading your posts!)
(This post has a lot of parentheses. Does that bother you? I think I clearly overuse them.)
Staying Home Might Just Be All It's Cracked Up To Be

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