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Posted on the 05 July 2017 by Christopher Saunders
State of the BlogHello, everyone. I hope that you're having a nice summer and that you've enjoyed, or at least tolerated, last month's extensive history articles. I certainly learned a lot researching them! I've been trying to find full-time employment and otherwise act productively, but it's slow going. I guess this isn't the right economic climate for an expensivepoorly-trained visionary
Sadly, the History Center's World War I centennial event was cancelled, leaving all the knowledge trapped in my brain with nowhere to go. Even worse, it might mean more history articles on here, though I'm contemplating other topics beyond the Great War and Woodrow Wilson's assorted misdeeds.
What to expect? There may be movies again, hopefully. There may be television or even book reviews (I've spent a lot more time reading novels than watching movies lately). There may be history. Either way, Groggy is devoted to keeping this blog alive, in whatever form it may take. Thanks for everyone who's still reading.

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