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Starting Fresh Through Bankruptcy

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger

I used to laugh when I heard the phrase, "affordable bankruptcy," but now I actually get it. No one filesbankruptcyfor fun; we file because we have a mountain of debt and no foreseeable way to pay it off. At the same time, a good attorney doesn't work for free and filing can actually cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, in my experience, they also understand that you're broke and in our case, jobless, so they provide generous re-payment schedules.
There are all sorts of unnerving unknowns in the future. Will anyone rent us a house or an apartment once we have to leave ours? You know that little box you have to tick, or not, on applications that reads, “have you ever filed bankruptcy?” I used to scoff at that, thinking what poor, irresponsible person has to check that box?! Now, I know. It could be anyone. Good or bad, responsible or not, anyone can end up here.

Starting Fresh through Bankruptcy

A benefit of bankruptcy:
a smaller bill pile!

Yet, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, there is relief too. Our bills have been reduced to one car and utilities, we’re protected from lawsuits (thank goodness, because I’m being sued) and we have the ability to start over.
Our lawyer inspired me as we signed document after document a couple of weeks ago. He said that the beautiful thing about the US bankruptcy laws is that it allows for people to take a chance. Entrepreneurs have been given this gift through bankruptcy laws to take risks; if the venture fails, they (we) can take another risk without being punished for failing. We’re not thrown in debtor’s prison for the rest of our lives, or left to repay our former landlord’s or vendors for the next 20 years. No. We can wipe the slate clean and begin again.
And that’s just what we’re going to do. 
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