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Starting a Wedding Photography Business

By Pixelweddings

If you're interested in wedding photography as a business, you have good reason to be excited. This type of work typically pays pretty well, is fun and exciting, and a great expression of your creativity and artistic abilities. But before you can actually start advertising your wedding photography as a business, you first need to become a business! There are legal requirements for businesses and of course your customers will expect to deal with a professional and will put more trust in a professional as well. So how do you actually become a business?

Marketing Material

Starting a wedding photography business is probably not any different than starting any other business. Usually you need to register a business name with your county clerk's office; this procedure may be different in some areas and countries other than the U.S. but getting your name registered is typically the first step. Once you have a name for your wedding photography business and have been able to register it - they'll reject it if someone else is using this name, so be sure to wait until you get your paperwork back - you can take that paperwork to a bank and open a business checking account. You can also then move on to marketing material that's needed to get customers for your wedding photography business. Business cards of course will be indispensable, and you may want to make up some brochures as well.

Wedding Photography Marketing

If you're very skilled with graphic arts and have a program such as Microsoft Publisher you may be able to make up these materials on your own but remember that your marketing material is going to be a good representation of your wedding photography business, as will your website. You want everything to look professional and polished. It's well worth the investment to have someone professional take care of these things even if that means hiring someone from a website like or Once you get your wedding photography marketing materials made up you can then distribute them at bridal salons or at bridal expos. You can also check local flea markets to see if they are having any bridal themed weekends and you can rent a booth there or purchase advertising space in their materials as well.

Wedding Photography Business As A Business.

It's imperative that you treat your wedding photography business as a business. When dealing with customers make sure you're professional and reliable. Set aside a spot of your home where you can organise your paperwork, and don't let your children answer your business phone! Have satisfied customers for your wedding photography business may mean being referred to their friends and family for their own weddings or being called when they have other events such as family reunions, birthday parties, and so on. But none of this will happen if you aren't professional when approaching your wedding photography business. So keep yourself organised, be reliable, and make sure your customers have a great experience overall and this will definitely help grow that business!

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