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Discount Wedding Shop Rebrands to Zani Menswear

By Pixelweddings

January 25, 2019: Discount Wedding Shop, a popular online wedding store, has recently undergone some major changes. The company has gone through fundamental changes in its business model, switching from a shop that has had everything to do with wedding to specialising only in menswear.

Moving from Wedding Shop to Menswear Specialists

When contacted, the company spokesperson explained the change in business dynamics for the company, "Discount Wedding Shop reached has successfully built a large customer base with its business model. As we grew, we realised the huge and largely untapped segment that menswear was. Fuelled by your changing dynamics, we decided to serve specifically to this segment and the result was Zani Menswear."

Luxury Menswear

The company now deals entirely in menswear, covering all relevant segments from luxury suits to blazers to men's footwear and everything in between. "Our background in wedding wear has allowed us to bring all our knowledge to the table while specialising in just one segment. Zani Menswear now brings you luxury menswear at affordable prices. In our new avatar, we assure our customers that this is where you can achieve your best looks, with all the garments tailored to perfection," the spokesperson added.

According to the company, the new model will allow it to provide better services to its customers. The spokesperson added, "With Zani Menswear, we are not able to serve our customers even better with our specialisation and resources. Over the years we realised that this is the area we excel in and our new brand name is the best way we can serve our clients."

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