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Starting a Blog is Easy!

Posted on the 29 December 2015 by Dfennell @BloggerGo


Starting a blog can actually be very easy. It all depends on the site that you choose to use, but each is going to give you different options and accessories, and each is going to provide a different layout. It’s up to you and your preference as to if you select a site that gives you the ability to start a blog though them, or if you would rather start your own website and work from scratch.

There are basic of starting a blog that you need to be aware of, so let’s go through them one at a time. We’ll have you blog ready within 20 minutes, and you’ll be on your way to changing the world through writing faster than you can watch an episode of your favorite sitcom.

Select A Domain Name

The internet operates on IP addresses instead of domain names. Every web server requires a Domain Name System server to translate a domain name into a readable IP address. None of this is necessarily important to you as a user because it’s already built into the mechanics of the internet as a whole. The point is, you need a domain name so that people can easily find you and your blog

Be sure the name you choose is unique and easy to remember. You don’t want to give anyone the chance of misspelling your name or forgetting you entirely because they can’t remember a complex name. Once you have a name, you can take the next step in starting your blog.

Choose the Right Web Host

This is where things get real. If you choose a bad web host, your blog will be sunk from the start. You’d do best to choose a host that is great at digital marketing. The more people who know about your web host, the better. A good web host will come up more in a search engine and seem like a more credible source to house your material. You don’t want to link yourself with a site no one knows about or that doesn’t care to get your material or their own out there.

Social media marketing is also going to be very important to you as a blogger, so make sure to pick a host that understands all the ins and outs of the social media world

Design Your Blog

Now that you’ve chosen your host, it’s time to design your blog. Some sites are free and others cost a little money. The more you pay, the more services you get so it’s up to you to decide what you want and how much work you personally want to put forth on your blog and marketing, etc.

A site will have you enter your domain name to see if it’s available and from there, you choose the design, layout, color scheme and topic in which you want to write. Other than that, it’s pretty simple and if you choose a site that is formulated to be user friendly, you’ll have no issues getting started. Happy blogging.

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