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Start a Garden with Items in Your Fridge!

By Oppositeofnormal @oppositeonormal
Starting a garden from scraps that you would normally discard during food preparation can save you money!
While cutting celery for a very delicious clam chowder that was in the works, I realized that I very likely could plant the base and that it would root and grow back with new celery. I have accomplished this! It is growing back, albeit slow due to the cold weather we have had. I planted the approximately 2" tall base into some sexy dirt (I will describe this, and yes, you will hear this phrase often in reference to gardening). I kept the dirt moist until I noticed new leaves popping out of the top. I now water it on a regular schedule with the other "kids". Yes, I call my plants kids. Below is a picture of the celery bottom that I planted about 3 weeks ago.

Grow produce from store bought cuttings you would normally discard!

New celery plant started from store bought! Recycle your produce!

I do plan to continue to purchase more celery bottoms until I have a continuous stock of celery going.
I have tried to start new plants with a few item's from a large corporate grocer, and I will say this. The celery (so far) has been the only thing that has taken root, although I believe that may just be because it was essentially already a plant. Potatoes and lettuce, you are next!!!
So far, I have realized that seeds from large corporate grocers (Fry's, Safeway, etc) will NOT take! Unfortunately I assume this is due to the irradiation of the item previous to it's sale. (For more information on irradiation: ). I have not done extensive research on irradiation but I feel it is safe to assume through trial and error that it kills the seed. If anyone finds anything different and can enlighten me, please do so!
The only items from seed that I have had produce from my fridge/produce basket are organic seeds from other small and health based grocers (Fresh & Easy, Sunflower Market). I managed to have multiple beautiful Roma Tomato plants grow from seeds. The plants grew quickly and were quite healthy. Well, until 21 degrees killed them, even under their little blankets *sad face*.
You may or may not have success, but give it a try! You may be mildly impressed and save yourself some money! What a great feeling to grow your own food!

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