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Standing out from the Crowd Shoot

By Bella @fashioncultblog
Bit of a different post today. But basically, for my photography final project we had a choice of starting points to develop, i picked 'personal comment' and my whole photography work is going to be based on 'being individual' and 'standing out from the crowd' etc. So I thought i would share with you my first shoot of this concept which kind of happened by accident. I was in Waterloo station with a friend and we noticed these three girls all dressed quite differently and we both agreed they would be perfect for my concept. So i asked them and they agreed to do it, and luckily they just naturally got into positions without any direction I wish i had got their contact details because i think they would have been perfect for some single shots as well! 

here are a few images from the shoot:

standing out from the crowd shootstanding out from the crowd shootstanding out from the crowd shoot

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