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Stand-Up Comedy in Style!

Posted on the 11 September 2015 by Amreen Shaikh @Amu1312

Indeed, all of us take life so seriously, that we forget to cherish the simple pleasures of it, or spend a moment to sit back and laugh. Work and Lifestyle has consumed our realities and existence to the extent, that we are subjected to stress and other harmful diseases.

But, is it really worthwhile?

Well, Life is short and uncertain, why not enjoy it to the optimum? Why not laugh? Why not dive into the carefree moments of comedy and relax ourselves?

Comedy is an optimistic way of looking at our serious lives and situations. I personally feel, that comedy is healing and has a positive effect on us.

I have always admired Stand-Up Comedy. In India, Stand-Up Comedy begun, maybe a decade back or so, but, it has really evolved into a stand alone entertainment entity. It has also given rise to many budding talents in the field of Stand-Up Comedy and everyone are wholeheartedly accepting and enjoying it.

But, entertaining or making someone laugh is not as easy as it seems. It is all, an outcome of perseverance, patience, endurance, timing and an impacting appearance.

I recently stumbled upon and was amazed to see the various sections it has, and the content they offer. But, specifically speaking, they have a dedicated feature/section on Stand-Up comedy, which is not less than an encyclopedia on Stand-Up Comedy.

I was overwhelmed by the vivid topics it has on Stand-Up Comedy, like-

  • Videos by the team, giving detailed information on topics like, basics of Stand-Up Comedy, setting up a YouTube Channel, Effective Editing, Social Media, Sketch Writing basics, Feedback, and so on.
  • Blog posts and articles about how Comedy evolved, personal insights and tips from top Comedians, tips on grooming the skills of being a Stand-Up Comedian, and so on.
  • Top Stand-Up Comedians' Feature, giving a peep through in their Stand-Up Comedy Career and other tips.
  • Featured Outlets
  • Social Feeds (Twitter/Facebook) about daily happenings and live feeds in the arena of Stand-Up Comedy.

The content in the section is inspiring, innovative and useful for anyone who wish to start their career in Stand-Up Comedy. I personally read the various articles and watched the videos, and found it amazing. It in a way, grew my respect towards the Stand-Up Comedians as I saw, the amount of hard work that goes in, to bring smiles on other people's faces.

LiveInStyle has provided a beautiful platform, encouraging all aspiring Stand-Up Comedians with a one-stop-solution to all their queries and know-hows on #StandUpComedyinStyle. Not just that, all comedy lovers too can delve into the funny articles and videos, thereby, enlightening themselves about how comedy is created.

Before I can conclude this post, I cannot miss out on something important. LiveInStyle has another section, , which provides detailed information about the various elite Pubs across Mumbai and also helps in locating one in terms of Party, Hangout, Relaxation and Dinner.

Stand-Up Comedy in Style!

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