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Stain Remover Everywhere

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
I was upstairs staring at yet another stained shirt when I decided it was time to keep a bottle of stain remover upstairs. Even if a few hours went by before we made it downstairs, the stain would dry and set.
The next time we went to the store we bought some stain remover. We've used it about every day since then. I haven't figured out why this is the year of stained clothes, but it is certainly shaping up that way.
Tonight at dinner I stared at the table cloth and napkins. I always thought that as the girls grew older things would get cleaner and we'd stop spending our time cleaning up so many messes. It has gotten better, although we haven't achieved the level of clean I hope for yet.
Rather than worry about it anymore, we simply bought one more bottle of stain remover. At this point we're never more than a few steps from the magic that keeps our clothes and linens looking good. I realize it's overkill, even as I wonder if we need a bigger bottle near the dining room.

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