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St. Peter of Tarentaise (1102-1174)

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Peter was born in the second century in France, having become a Cistercian monk being elevated to the post of Abbot. This brings to mind that there were many Cistercian monks who were martyred during the Reformation period for defending their Catholic Faith, many of whom were drawn and quartered by the English.

In 1142, Peter became the archbishop of Tarentaise, replacing a previous bishop who was deposed for his corrupt practices. Peter worked tirelessly in this capacity, reforming the Diocese and replacing those of the clergy who were lax in their duties. Peter took care of the poor and downtrodden, visiting all parts of his jurisdictional area consistently and dutifully.

Peter served as the archbishop for approximately ten years, and then for a year, he went away to live as a lay brother at an abbey in Switzerland. He returned to his position, continuing to help those individuals who needed assistance.

St. Peter died in 1175 on his way home from an unsuccessful papal job to reconcile the King of France and the King of England.

Clearly, this important saint addressed all kinds of evil and turmoil, wherein it is completely understandable that he left for awhile to remain in silence and prayer. One can only imagine the hostility he had to address in his reformation efforts. But most importantly, he saw Our Lord Jesus Christ in the poor and the compromised, seeing “Jesus in disguise,” wherein he persistently served them effectively and with love and compassion.

St. Peter of Tarentaise, please pray for us and help us to confront evil as you did and to change the world for the better, and also, to remember to be kind and compassionate to those who need our help.



Sources: Franciscan Media; Vatican website

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