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St David's Day Daffodil & Egg Shells

By Plot58 @plot58
Day off today so spent the morning down the plot,weeded around the raspberries and the loganberries and putting the ash from last week’s bonfire round the plants. Also dug out the last of the compost from the bin and spread round the plot so I can start composting again, I added all the old chicken straw to it first thing that should start if off nicely.
St David's Day Daffodil & Egg shellsAlso had a stroll round the Garden and finally I have some or should I say one Daffodil out and what timing too on St David’s Day
The last week or two I have been reading Joes allotment again (love this book) and in particular the section on brassicas in it he uses crushed up egg shells for Calcium to get his brassicas going when planning, I tried this last year with a few cabbages and they did do very well indeed. So this year I have decided to give it a shot properly so I brought a load of egg shells home from work (about 300!) dried them and crushed them up and now I have a nice tub of crushed up shells some I have feed back to the chickens as they use this for their new eggs. I plan to use his Brassica mix of a wheel barrow full of compost mixed with sharp sand or grit then a good helping of fish, blood and bone, 2 nice handfuls of lime to deter club root and finally the egg shells. St David's Day Daffodil & Egg shells
So with that in my mind I got to it and sowed a few cabbages and cauliflowers. I'm using All the year round for the cauliflower and Golden Acre for the cabbage I got this free last month with The Kitchen Garden magazine, getting right into this Magazine its full of useful articles that I find useful.
Also the other day I could not resist a tomato seed called Golden Pear it looks amazing and have used this in the kitchen before and they are really sweet so I sowed that today as well (I know I said that I wasn’t going to buy anymore tomato seeds! But I just had to……right?) I also made another sowing of broad beans as some have rotted off.
St David's Day Daffodil & Egg shellsAs this is my first proper year of growing for the allotment (last year was very last ) so I have started keeping an allotment Journal, my wife brought it for me a few years back but never really felt the need to use it but this year it’s been a must that way I can look back next year and see what I did when and what I used, not only that but it’s got great advice and a list of when you should be planning etc, it’s called Carol Klein’s Grow Your Own Veg Journal
Well have a cracking weekend all, and if the weathers nice get out in that garden!

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