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S&S Review: Project X Zone

Posted on the 26 June 2013 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
S&S; Review: Project X Zone Title: Project X Zone
Format: 3DS
Release Date: June 25, 2013
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Developer: Monolith Software
Price: $49.99
ESRB Rating: T

Project X Zone is one of the most unique games on the Nintendo 3DS, as it blends Namco Bandai Games, SEGA, and Capcom characters all into one strategy/fighting game.
S&S; Review: Project X Zone Story and Presentation:
Like I said, the game takes franchises from SEGA (Virtua Fighter, Resonance of Fate, Space Channel 5), Namco (Tekken, Tales of Vesperia, .hack), and Capcom (Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil) and merges them all into one. The narrative of the game is just as bizarre as the premise, but that doesn't make it a bad thing. The game starts with two characters, Mii Kouryuuji and Kogoro Tenzai, who are tasked with protecting a special artifact that can tear space and time. The artifact obviously gets taken, and it sends the universes crossing over one another. It's a cool way to get different characters from different universes together, but it certainly isn't all that original.  The game is visually impressive, especially for a 3DS game.  Each character's sprite is extremely detailed, and if you're a fan of these games, then recognizing each character won't be a problem.  The 3D environments are highly detailed as well.  A cool little audio touch they added in the game is that when you are controlling a specific character, a tune fro their respective game plays in the background.  It's a really nice touch, and it shows you how much effort went into merging these different universes into one.  There's so much fan service in the game, including a surprise appearance by Frank West when a scantily clad women appears.  The presentation is great, in and out.
S&S; Review: Project X Zone Core Gameplay:Project X Zone is a blend between a tactical RPG and a 2D fighting game.  It is grid based, but it's far from Fire Emblem: Awakening.  Awakening had a lot of customization options, side quests, and exploration.  PXZ is a complete 180, there's no exploration and secondary missions to complete, it's a completely linear experience.  Once you get on the board, you can move around your characters and allies.  Once you get close to an enemy, the unique action based gameplay components really shine.  The two-paired up units can really unleash mayhem when you learn the combos, and it's a real sight to see.  The combat mechanics isn't like a Street Fighter of Tekken where you need to pull of complex movements in order execute special moves.  PXZ just requires you to string together different button presses in order to pull off long and extensive combos.  You have to pull off the most damaging combos before your turn is over.  Adjacent allies can jump in and aid you in battle, that quickly brings up comparisons to Marvel vs Capcom.  During a battle, you can pull off more devastating attacks.  You have to pull of combos in order to fill up your Cross gauge.  They look spectacular on the screen, and they can really pull you out of a bind when you're on the brink of losing.  The combat is satisfying in the end, even with the light tactics mechanics sprinkled in.
S&S; Review: Project X Zone Final Thoughts: Project X Zone really caught me off guard, Namco Bandai really didn't hype the game up at all.  After playing it, I wonder why they didn't, because the game deserves the attention.  The 3DS has yet another good game to play, and if you're a fan of these franchises, this game is a definite must play.
S&S Rating: 8/10 @whatsPlay

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