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Square Issues Cease and Desist to Fans Working on Final Fantasy Type-0 Translation Patch

Posted on the 18 July 2014 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
Square issues cease and desist to fans working on Final Fantasy Type-0 translation patch
The Final Fantasy Type-0 English and Spanish language patch being created by fans for the PSP and Vita versions has been taken down due to legal threats by Square Enix.
In the works from Operation Doomtrain, the localization patch was set to release on August 8, but according to an update on SkyBladeCloud, Square Enix sent the group a cease and desist letter.
“Unfortunately I’m forced to remove my posts and pages related to the popular Final Fantasy Type-0 fan translation project,” the notice reads. “That’s right, certain game company thinks that threats and false accusations are the way to treat its biggest fans.
“For the time being I can’t answer questions related to this matter, but I’ll write a more comprehensive post about all this once I get the chance. I hope you understand, and as always I appreciate your support (that I might need more that ever in the near future). Thank you very much.”

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