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Springtime Cleaning – From Tradition to Present Day

By Lili Gomes @_roselili
Springtime Cleaning – From Tradition to Present Day

With springtime in full swing and summer about to take over soon, most homes are gearing up to throw open the doors and windows and let the fresh air in. Springtime cleaning was traditionally looked upon one of the most awaited events in households that had to get rid of the dust accumulated indoors during the dreary winter days. The tradition continues till date though the charcoal fireplaces have long been replaced by electrical heating and HVAC running full swing.

The traditional link

Though lifestyles have changed and generations passed, the immaculate spring cleaning is still linked to traditional practices of the major cultures and the religions that they followed.

  • The origin of springtime cleaning is often traced to the Persian New Year celebrations where the cleaning process is literally translated to 'shaking the house' cleaning it meticulously.
  • One popular link of the springtime cleaning is to the Jewish Passover that takes place after the first lunar cycle of spring.
  • According to tradition, the entire house is swept clean of all bread that contains leavening to celebrate the Passover in the clean home.
  • The tradition was passed on to the Christians when the Church and the houses are swept clean on Maundy Thursday to celebrate Easter in a spotless home.

Modern-day spring cleaning

As families have become smaller, it is normal to call in the professional Maid Service in Los Angeles to help out with the springtime cleaning.

  • All leading cleaners have special cleaning regimes that are targeted at pulling out the furniture from the corners, getting the kitchen cabinets clean, mattresses turned over and the toilet disinfected.
  • They will land in your home in teams or 3 or 4 people and carry out the total cleaning with an amazing speed and precise accuracy.
  • Most cleaners have rates fixed according to the areas that they will cover such as the living room or bedroom and the number of utilities that they clean like the furniture, carpet, window panes or more.
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Springtime Cleaning – From Tradition to Present Day

Springtime Cleaning – From Tradition to Present Day

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