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Springing Forward.

Posted on the 09 March 2014 by Jamesswezey
Springing Forward.It/s amazing how one doesn't blog for a short amount of time, and during that time so much happens. Well, I'll just say it, although it was almost a week ago; the Academy Awards were a splendid delight, and there were very few bad surprises (if any). Gravity dominated, which surprised me, but Dallas Buyer's Club was another film that acquired a number of Oscars, which I predicted. Ellen was a blast and once again an excellent host that had a lot of fun, and that was what struck me; how much fun everyone seemed to be having. Good show, although John Williams should have won the Oscar for Best Original Score, but that's life. President Vladimir Putin has all but annexed Crimea, and I can't help but make a comparison to what Adolf Hitler did back in the 1930's when he annexed Austria and Czechoslovakia because they were a part of the "Fatherland" originally, and he was also reuniting the German people back with each other. No one thought that he would go any further than that, no one dreamed that he would invade Poland, France, and Eastern Europe and then eventually Russia. Appeasement was how Western Europe and the US dealt with Herr Hitler, and that is most likely what will end up happening with Putin. God only knows what the man is really up to, but if you give a mouse a cookie, he's gonna want a glass of milk. There's a lot going on in the Ukraine right now to write it all down, but ya'll better look into it. American should not isolate itself from world politics like it tried after WWI and believe that what happens in other hemispheres of the world stays there without affecting Americans. Terrorists and absolute dictators are seeing that weakness in America right now, and I guarantee all of you that they will not think twice about striking a blow, no matter on what level. We should keep the people of Ukraine in our thoughts and prayers, and also encourage our governments to take action against Russia, whether it be non-lethal or military action. So, now floating away from reality before one becomes too depressed or upset some good stuff came out in the past few days. Netflix aired the Lost Missions for the Clone Wars, and I have watched quite a few of the episodes thus far, and it still amazes me that they cancelled the show because the episodes were still continuing to get better and better.Granted the best of season 6 will be the last few episodes, but it was interesting watching the development of what "protocol 66" is and where it came from. It's a pity that this means that the show will have officially come to an end, but how ironic that there were 6 seasons, as there are currently 6 films; I like the irony. I have very little hope for Rebels as I have seen previews and had sneak peeks of the characters, and as for Episode VII....well, I am not holding out at all since George Lucas is not behind the writing and creative wheel as he was in all previous 6 films. That's what made it work, and I just don't think that it is going to work without him. So I watched this film Elysium this evening after I thought that it was going to be a lousy film, and I wasn't half wrong. It was entertaining enough to the point where I wasn't miserably bored, and Matt Damon did a fine job along with the rest of the cast, although my favorite character was played by Jodi Foster. I didn't like the premise of the film, which was class warfare; of the super rich vs. pretty much everyone else, which in this case apparently were the super poor (about 95% of the human population in the film). It was essentially a bland film that had fantastic potential, but it will be forgotten in another year or so, and definitely in 10 years. That's about as much as I want to even waste my time writing about the film; not something I would recommend. Don't forget to set your clock forward one hour, although I suppose that would depend on what time zone you're in throughout the world. Just so long as it doesn't snow again in the Midwestern U.S., I will be happy. Good luck to us all, and May the Force be with you all.
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