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Spring Update To My Life & Style

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Spring Updates

Do you ever feel that your life is headed nowhere? And overthink? I do sometimes. It is a daily exercise in trying to pick right thoughts to think. There is a direction I'd like my life to go, but life always has a mind of its own. Then I find myself trying to align in the same direction where life is headed. Isn't it weird that for the majority of our lives we assume we actually have a say in where life will go, to only realize we are powerless most of the time? Am I even making any sense?  

When I am not lost ... I living in the now (re: caption). The journey to 'now' had started sometime end of 2020 but I found the words to describe my quest in early-2021, which then led my to the book 'The Power of Now' which I will be reviewing in my next blogpost. So there's something to look forward to there.

In other news ... there are some spring updates I have made to my lifestyle. Notice, I didn't say 'spring cleaning' because I have nothing left to clean after 2020 massive haul-out and minimalist life approach. Now I just have items of clothing and stuff that I either fall out of love or have worn out to death.


Spring Updates, Flowers,
Flowers in springtime. Duh!

This year, I have switched my HIIT workouts with Pilates & Yoga and I feel better for it. I also incorporate walks (weather permitting) to my day in the afternoon and evening. First one to break the monotony of my work day and second one to unwind from the said work day. So far I have been happy with this new routine. 


Spring Updates, Braid & Wood,
Indoor Plant DecorI was recently introduced to this fabulous company called BRAID & WOOD. I immediately knew I wanted one for my place. I got the V-Hanger. It is easy to hang, minimalist and instantly adds freshness to the space. If you are like me who likes greenery indoor with minimum effort, this is the way to go. They have some really nice designs, which will go with all styles. Check them out here.


Spring Updates, Gelid Massage Tool,
At-Home Facial Massage & Self-careIn my last skincare/beauty post, I had mentioned that I am applying the minimalist approach across all facets on my life, which also includes skincare. I am done with multiple serums and creams and what-not. I need fewer, better products. Enter: gelid beauty. I will be honest, I was not 100% sure what to expect with this product but the information on the website had been curious enough to try it before I made up my mind. After a few weeks of trying the Blue Gua Shu Tool, I can say without the doubt that it is a great addition to my night-time routine. This is a 4-in-1 massage tool - with a combination of gua sha, heating, vibration and LED red light therapy. Combine all four features for a soothing-relaxing time. 


Spring Updates, Pat Pat,
Stowing away sweaters and bringing out linen shirts.Time for sweaters is out, at least in my household. While I know from experience that winter is not going to leave these neck-of-woods anytime soon (it tend to hand around all the way till early June some years) I am personally done with a portion of my wardrobe for this season. I decided to order few storage bags from PatPat and rotate my seasonal cloths. It the temperatures decide to drop, I will be mostly relying on warm jackets only. By the way, these storage bags are a live saver. They come with a clear peekaboo window, have a washable design, and are foldable which makes them easy to store when not in use.


Spring Updates, PeachSkinSheets,
New-soft-bedsheets.Do you know when you are 100% an adult? When you are excited about new bedsheets and towels and chopping boards. Ah! The joy! Other than my workout, and skincare, I also decided to 'spring update' my sheets. This French Blue Sheet Set is what luxurious dreams are made of ... These sheets are made of a lightweight material which breathes to help regulate body temperature. So no matter the season, it works with your body and environment to promote drier, more comfortable sleep. Magic, right? The PeachSkin finish is found on both sides of the sheets and pillowcases. This ensures that no matter how much you twist and turn, your skin will always be touching unbelievable softness!


Spring Updates, Fat Slabs,
Nothing like new boards in the kitchen. Am I right?

I wasn't kidding up there when I mentioned chopping boards, right along side bed sheets. If you haven't updated your boards in over a few years (and you use them daily) it is time for an upgrade! We are always giving our closets a refreshed, why not give your kitchen a boost too! Keep your kitchen truly clean with the 100% natural antibacterial cutting board brand, Fab Slabs!
Fab Slabs are a natural antibacterial cutting board brand made of sustainable Camphor Laurel trees in Australia! They are absolutely stunning and practical. Can't wait to bring in some produce and chop it up. Ha!


Spring Updates, Rainbows,
Joy, at the end of the rainbow? Hopefully! :) 

Now here's something on this list that you can't buy or incorporate in your routine at your own will. You actually have to been on a lookout for this one. Especially if the day has been rainy, dull and your energies have been low. That my friend, would be the exact time to chin up. And you just might find a rainbow, not one but two ... right by your window. For FREE!That's all the update from my end. How's your spring coming along?

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