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Spring Surprise 2011

By Drakensbergxpress

Drakensberg Ventures offers you the chance of a relaxed, laid back break to the tranquility of The Wild Coast to experience the most pleasant of seasons along the Eastern Cape Coast.

The Wild Coast is responding to call of nature at this time, as spring is heralded, and new growth and renewed life can be seen all around.

It is a time that the notorious wild coast storms can be experienced with their spectacular lightning displays out to sea.

The adventurous traveler can expect surprises around every turn on the coastal and grassland hiking paths.

Spring is also a time that this coast is at its most temperate, with a pleasing mean monthly temp of just 20 degrees Celsius, which makes for ideal hiking weather, and a chance to enjoy a few days of peaceful, laid-back Wild Coast hospitality with Drakensberg Ventures.


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