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SPRING FEVER - Shopping Edition

By Dyarnell @dyarnell
It will be a while yet before I plant anything in the ground but I have just placed a large order with Vesey's and a smaller one from Botanus and my husband just came home from CostCo with bags of Calla lilies and Gladiolus.
My Vesey`s coupon said spend $200 and save $100.So I did:

Plant      #/pack#/packs$/packTotal

Tuberosa Butterfly Flower (orange)31$10.95$10.95

Ostrich Plume Astilbe (red, tall)33$12.95$38.85

Blazing Stars Liatris (purple)301$10.95$10.95

Blazing Stars Liatris (white)301$10.95$10.95

Blazing Stars Liatris (purple)101$4.95$4.95

Crocosmia (red, orange, yellow)451$21.95$21.95

Garden Affair Lily (white w/ red, tall)91$21.95$21.95

Beverly Ann Giant Hybrid Lily (white, tall)31$11.95$11.95

Royal Wedding Poppy (white w/ plum)31$16.95$16.95

Humpback Whale Hosta (blue, large)11$18.95$18.95

Shaker's Prayer Iris (purple)61$21.95$21.95

Harvest Moon Oriental Poppy (orange, ruffled)11$7.95$7.95

Carnival Oriental Poppy (orange w/black)11$7.95$7.95


******The Callas we loved getting last year as a gift from friends while the Glads can fill in between perennials in our newly planted "Old Sun Garden".  While I have not had much luck with them in the past I am willing to try them again this year given we need annual filler while our newly planted perennial garden grows out.  
******The final order from Botanus has ferns and grasses. Grasses for the "Old Sun Garden" are as planned, but the ferns indicate a change in direction for the front of the house where I have been pretending there is more sun than there is.
I have decided I would rather have gorgeous green and healthy plants that can take some sun than struggling colourful plants that fight the shade.
SPRING FEVER - shopping edition
So why not start with some interesting and uncommon varieties of ferns for the front and watch them thrive?
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