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Spread Your Wings and Fly – Accepting God’s Plan

By Loveandgrace @loveandgrace20

When I turned thirty years old I forced myself to come to a resolve about some things. I was unmarried and still learning how to accept God’s plan for my life. My heart was unsettled with my relationship status. I was waiting on God to move, yet I myself had become stagnant and complacent with doing nothing to enrich my life.

My first resolve was that maybe, just maybe, this whole marriage thing was not going to happen as soon as I desire, if at all. How was I going to adapt to that? What would be my next course of action? I soon realized that I did not have another action plan. Nonetheless, this put me in a privileged position to find and accept God’s plan for me.

My second resolve was that maybe, just maybe, there was something special in me. Perhaps there was a deep seeded passion inside of me that I needed to cultivate. Could there be a purpose in me that took precedence and needed my immediate focus? Would it enrich my life to the point of firm contentment? I wanted God’s plan to be fulfilled in my life so that I could find rest for my soul.

By the time I turned thirty-one, I felt the hand of time smack me into reality. A truth about times and seasons became clear. Time waits for no one. Years are passing by. What will my response be? How will I gain the benefits of today? I could waste energy mourning for what did not exist or invest in the opportunities that did.

My resolves were firm and I prayed for help to accept God’s plan, spread my wings, and fly. I achieved some success in life, but it was time for me to go higher.

The first steps were hard. I had never flown on my own before. Nor did I know exactly where I was flying to. The journey started with prayer, finding my place in God’s plan. When I placed my feet on the path He carved out for me, I found an assurance like I had never known before. Because God’s hand is upon me, I journey no more in circles crawling the ground in despair. I have taken flight and I am progressing forward.

There is turbulence in the air, but when the turbulence subsides I find myself stronger than I was before it came. No fulfilled dream comes easy. Trouble tempts me to lower my flight, but the Holy Ghost of God takes me higher…only higher.

So here I am. My passion is blooming. My purpose is unfolding. My dreams are within my reach. I fly a little higher each day along the path of God’s plan.  I accept it for in God’s plan are my true blessings.

Make the best of where you are. Appreciate what you have. Never feel like you have already arrived. Invest in the talent that God has placed in you.

Spread your wings and fly, accepting God’s plan wherever it takes you.


-Candra Evans


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