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By Thehousethatlarsbuilt @houselarsbuilt
Sponsors! Sponsors!
I started The House That Lars Built for a school project in 2008 (look at the archives, or don't! so amateur!). I pretty much kept it up as such until I moved to Copenhagen in 2010 and legally couldn't work for a good chunk of time (oh, the joys of living abroad). At that point I was getting asked to do DIYs for a few blogs based off some projects from my wedding and then one thing led to another and boom! The House That Lars Built became a craft/DIY/design blog. How 'bout that! I opened up an Etsy shop, which started with royal wedding souvenirs and has now morphed into all things floral. Up until now Lars has been a major passion project. A lot of hours devoted to bringing you beautiful things and showing how to make it. Now I'd like to do some really stellar stuff for you: more clever DIYs, more easy printables, more creative collaborations. But not just more, BETTER!
SO, what does that entail? A few good sponsors! Sponsorships come in two forms. 1) Advertising on this site and 2) Custom projects. Let me explain. Let's say you have a company of beautiful crepe papers and you want to advertise your new color collection. You approach me and want me to make a project using your papers. I come up with a few ideas, we figure out a project, I execute, work with a photographer to take beautiful pictures and then put them on the blog. Fun, right?! Well, I'm open to your ideas and excited to work with you. Email me for a media kit at [email protected] which has more info and numbers to help inform. I have some great things planned for 2013 including a major facelift to the site so get in touch and let's make some magic happen!
photos above by Amanda Thomsen for a photoshoot for Bruden magazine, a Danish bridal mag. I created the wedding cake pinata and showed how to make it for Etsy Weddings.

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