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Spoilers Roundup (Jan. 15th)

Posted on the 16 January 2012 by Bittersweet1975 @onceupon_fans

Thanks to FYOnceuponatime for this!

Episode 1.10 7:15am ~ written by ?

  • This week’s flashbacks focus on Prince Charming
  • PRESS RELEASE  David and Mary Margaret continue to struggle with their feelings; a mysterious stranger in town makes Regina and Emma suspicious; Prince Charming’s wedding approaches.
  • GUEST STARS Eion Bailey will play “The Stranger”; also guest starring:  Lee Arenberg, Anastasia Griffith, Alan Dale, Kwesi Ameyaw, Jonathan Holmes, Michasha Armstrong, Geoff Gustafson, David Paul Grove, Gabe Khouth, Faustino Di Bauda, Jeff Kaiser, Michael Coleman, and Mig Macario.

Episode 1.11 Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree ~ written by Ian Goldberg & Andrew Chambliss 

  • This week’s flashbacks focus on Snow White/King Leopold/the Queen (?)
  • PRESS RELEASE A dejected Sidney enlists the aid of Emma to help uncover evidence that could expose Mayor Regina as the corrupt person she really is to the townspeople of Storybrooke; and Mary Margaret and David continue their secret rendezvous while trying to figure out a way to unleash their unrequited love. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale land that was, King Leopold (Richard Schiff), who is the father of Snow White and married to the Evil Queen, stumbles upon a magic lamp and is granted three wishes by a Genie – who warns the king to be careful what he wishes for.
  • GUEST STARS  Tony Perez as valet, Giancarlo Esposito as Sidney/Magic Mirror, Eion Bailey as stranger, Richard Schiff as King Leopold and David Bloom as Mr. K.

Episode 1.12 Skin Deep ~ written by Jane Espenson

  • This week’s flashbacks focus on ?
  • GUEST STARS Emilie De Ravin stars as Belle; ?? stars as Gaston; Ashley and Sean (Cinderella/Prince Thomas) will appear in Storybrooke.
  • From Ausiello: Belle’s story will be connected to Rumplestiltskin
  • Bella has brown hair, wears the iconic gold dress.
  • This is a summary of sides for this episode.
  • Set pics (MM/David); David tries to kiss her, she moves away (?)
  • First look at Belle.
  • The Beast is someone we already know.

Episode 1.13 What Happened to Frederick ~ written by ?

  • This week’s flashbacks focus on
  • GUEST STARS ?? will play the Siren; Ruby, Granny and the Stranger will guest star; we will see Abigail in fairy tale world.
  • Summary of the casting sides.
  • Other spoilers from the sides.
  • Set pics from Nov 29th; report “Emma walks down the street towards Granny’s diner. She notices a black motorcycle parked on the street and as she approaches the diner, meets the owner of the bike (Mystery Actor). They converse for a while (All I could here from the actor was “It’s August” and “I’ll be here”) before the man walks to his bike and rides away.”

Episode 1.14 Dreamy ~ written by ?

  • This week’s flashbacks focus on Grumpy (?)
  • GUEST STARS Amy Acker guest stars as Astrid, Grumpy’s love interest. Speculation: in FTL, she could be the “sweet, quirky, charming and clumsy fairy named Nova.” (x)

Episode 1.15 ?? ~ written by Jane Espenson

  • This week’s flashbacks focus on Red Riding Hood (? speculation)
  • GUEST STARS David Anders as Dr Whale; Ruby, Granny and The Stranger are also in the episode.

Episode 1.16 ?? ~ written by Andrew Chambliss & Ian Goldberg

  • This week’s flashbacks focus on ?

Episode 1.17 Hat Trick ~ written by ??

  • This week’s flashbacks focus on ?
  • Casting notice: [JEFFERSON] Late 20s to Mid 30s, a rakishly handsome, former criminal who in Fairy Tale Land has given up his life of crime and dedicated himself to his daughter, while in Storybrooke he is a dangerous and mysterious figure who knows about the curse and attempts to convince Emma that it is real. Guest star. Any ethnicity.
Other assorted spoilers
  • There will be a Magic Mirror origin episode: “His origin story will hopefully be very surprising to people; [we’ll find out] who he is, who he was and how he got in the mirror,” (TV Guide)
  • We will see Ariel, but they’re not sure if this season or the next. The Siren in episode 13 is NOT Ariel (I mean, duh, she’s evil/trying to seduce Charming)
  • “Henry’s father is a very important part of the puzzle, it’s also entirely possible that we may meet him and not know we met him.”
  • We are gonna see Aladdin and his genie.
  • We are gonna learn more about Grumpy.
  • We are gonna see more scenes between Henry and Regina. “You’re going to see why Henry and Regina have the relationship they have. I’ve asked the writers about that because we often see him with Emma and are we ever going to see him with Regina again? Because, at the end of the day, he is her son. So there are some upcoming scenes with Regina, who tries to win him over again, but it’s genuine. It really is.” (x)

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